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Vestigia Fortuna was created from the gathering of womanhood, a passion for beauty, and appreciation of craftsmanship. Vestigia Fortuna is the fruit of hard labor and a close attention to details. Vestigia Fortuna is bringing together the creativity of the mind, the aestheticism of the soul, and the gentle touch of the hands. Vestigia Fortuna is my passion.

Vestigia Fortuna was born by chance a few years after graduating from Dental School. I always loved fine jewelry and knew I had a pretty specific taste. While planning an outfit for a friend's wedding, I couldn’t find any earrings I liked to go along with my dress. So I came up with a personal design, carved it in wax (as I learned with my dental training), and casted my very first set of gold earrings. It was the perfect look I had imagined but couldn’t find elsewhere.

With time I became more serious and passionate about jewelry making. I believe that in dentistry and in jewelry I can strive for both precision and aesthetics. So, I traded one manual skill set for another, in launching Vestigia Fortuna.

The personal touch is what makes us unique. My designs reflect my ideas on the beautiful, the feminine, and the elegant. They are influenced by my surroundings of living by the Mediterranean Sea in Israel, where the golden bright sun and the deep blue sea always gave me a feeling of home. And so, in their minimalistic way they reflect these complexities - gentle and strong, subtle and passionate. My pieces combine soft colors with dainty designs. Rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets for the elegant working woman.